What I do


Service and Repair gas appliances, including: Boilers, Fires, Water Heaters, Cookers, Warm Air heaters. See Service and Repair prices.

Gas problems: Deal with smells of gas or other gas-related unsafe situations.

Gas Installation & decommissioning:  I fit new gas appliances and remove the old ones

Landlord’s safety checks and safety certificates.

Moving house? I can provide a report which explains the condition (good or bad) of the plumbing, heating and electrical services in your new house and they are not up to scratch, make sure they work soon after you move in… Click for more info.

Trouble-shooting: Central heating problems are a speciality, particularly if the heating does not seem to work properly or radiators don’t work – all that sort of thing.

Power Flushing: If your system is dirty then my Kamco Power Flush machine and chemicals will remove all but the barely visible traces of dirt.

Heating Controls: Making your heating work better, heating up that cold radiator in your bedroom, providing advice about latest heating controls and energy saving measures.

Bathrooms: Complete refit; showers; new taps; making drains work; improve water flow rates.

Plumbing: Fix water leaks; garden taps; new washing machine service points; plumbing for a new kitchen and advising about how your home complies with the water regulations.

Domestic electrical wiring: Electrical work in and around your home. Heating controls, new sockets & lighting, power to your garage and very importantly… electrical bonding (earth cables)