Terms and Conditions




You/Your                The client who signs the quotation and / or ask for the work to be done.

I/Me/My                  Stephen Ford trading as Acquire Home Services.

The Work               Any service or product that I supply and is defined in written communications between us.

Milestone(s)          A point in time during the Work.


Quality of the Work

It is important for both of us to understand what quality means in relation to the Work you want me to do. Therefore I will try to explain to you the quality I intend to provide and usually this will be done in writing.


It is in your interest to ensure that all your expectations have been included in the written communications that precede the Work being done.


I will try to define in communications with you how the products I provide and install will perform, appear and operate.


If you supply products for me to install then unless I provide written details of expected performance, appearance and levels of operation, then you are responsible for these and all other parameters.


By its very nature the work I do often connects to existing systems. I will try to estimate how my Work will behave in these circumstances but I will not be responsible for existing systems performing in a manner not typical of a fully functioning system. I will only guarantee performance, appearance and level of operation that have been specified in our written communications.


I expect you to tell me as soon as practically possible if you want changes to, or special attention to detail of any aspect of the Work.



The Work is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. Materials often carry a manufacturer’s guarantee which can be more than one year. This might help you if my guarantee has expired. If you have a problem with the Work, please contact Me, express your concerns and all reasonable steps will be taken to help You.


If you supply materials and they fail, you need to contact the supplier for redress. If I supply them, you contact me and I will address the issue under My guarantee.


For Work that qualifies for Building Control Registration I am registered with the Benchmark organisation. They offer a guarantee for any work I do for you that register through them. Details can be found here.


Payment for materials and related expenses

I expect you to make sufficient funds available to pay for the Work. I might ask you to provide funds at the beginning of a project or at Milestones during a project, to cover the cost of larger items for example boilers and related fittings. You should provide the agreed funds in a timely manner. All amounts will be invoiced.


Parking charges and fines

You are responsible for my parking charges and supplying me with parking vouchers. You are also responsible for paying any parking fines if you do not warn me that parking fines apply if vouchers or passes or similar are not displayed.


Change of circumstances

If the work changes because a situation comes to light that was not foreseen then the cost of the work to that point will be invoiced. I will discuss the changes and costs with you as early as practical.


Your loss of facilities and inconvenience during the Work

You need to consider your loss of facilities and the inconvenience the Works will cause you. I will try to make you aware of the implications of the Work, but you need to consider carefully what changes you might need to make to your routine during the period of the Work. You should ensure the quotation includes statements that meet your requirements where this is concerned because changing the arrangements could have cost implications.


Use of Your toilet and kitchen facilities

Use of your toilet, wash hand basin and kettle would be appreciated. I will have soap, drying facilities, drink and other refreshments with me.



You will need to ensure that access can be gained to the working areas in a timely manner. A charge may be incurred to cover wasted time where access is not provided.


You should note that this might include access to stop valves, the gas cupboard, the electric cupboard, the loft, entrances to the property, and rooms throughout the property.


Working Conditions

Neither of us should make the conditions dangerous in the working area. If danger is possible, we should keep each other informed.


Working with Hazardous materials

You should inform Me of any dangerous materials that You know about or suspect are present in the work area. I will tell You about materials that I will be using that might be considered toxic.

You should tell me if you are aware of materials to which you are allergic (eg solvents), that I might reasonably be expected to use during the process of doing the Work.


Protecting the working area

I will endeavour to protect the working area, however, drilling, applying fixings, carrying heavy object, and by doing the work associated with my trade can cause damage.  Therefore it is in your interest to tell me of any special protective measures that you would like me to take. Please think of this as a joint effort to protect your property and possessions.


Special conditions

The following statements express the normal way of working that I will adopt. You may ask for the ways of working to be changed, which is likely to be an affect the cost of the quotation.


End of day clear up: Materials and rubble will be moved to one side, or to designated areas. Dust sheets will be lifted. Excessive dust on floors and surfaces that you touch will be lightly vacuumed.


Waste Clearance: Cost of waste clearance will be included in the quotation. In some instances it might be cost effective for you to dispose of some waste in the normal household waste bin. This to be agreed


Storage of materials: It is essential that the majority of materials are stored on site where possible. Special arrangements can be quoted for.


The final clear up and hand over: I will vacuum, dust and polish prior of handover, but I am sure you will want to add your finished touches!


Settlement of the Invoice Amount

I expect the invoiced amount to be settled in a reasonable time. If it will take more than a week to do so, I would appreciate being informed immediately.



It’s in my interest to ensure that my clients are satisfied with any service I provide. I will make every effort to satisfy your complaint. I would appreciate the earliest possible notification by any means (eg telephone, email, text) that the service I am providing is not as you would expect it to be. That will give me an opportunity to rectify any issues.


Consequential Loss

Although every effort will be made to meet deadlines, use the best materials, and use the most effective and safest processes, neither Acquire Home Services, nor its workforce shall be responsible should you suffer loss as a consequence of the Work.


The law

These terms and conditions form part of any contract that I have with you. They do not affect your statutory rights. The law of contact of England and Wales applies.


Variations to the terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice.


=== End of T&Cs===