Schedule of Charges27

NB. See other notes below and in particular Unsociable Hours

£ . p*

Gas Appliance Servicing

My service charges for boilers etc are given below. Repair charges can be seen here. How I deal with repairs is explained here.


There are additional charges for Pressurised Heating System Servicing and Magnetic Filter Cleaning. See below



I will make every effort to apply the correct discounts. I invite customers to tell me when they think a discount should be applied.


a) A discount of £5 is given if you have proof of a service completed within the previous 12months.


b) A further discount of 25% is given with the second and subsequent appliance serviced at the same visit.


c) For multiple invoiced and paid items of work during the financial year: After 5 invoices, -£10/invoice, after 10 invoices -£20/invoice.


Documentation: You will be sent relevant documentation on receipt of payment.



Boiler (For back boilers see below)        


Boiler heat exchanger deep clean. Some boiler heat exchangers suffer a build-up of a variety of deposits blocking the many passageways through which the hot gases normally pass. Cleaning and clearing these can take an hour or so. This is in addition to the service but I will only suggest a deep clean if it’s necessary and then I will only do it if you ask me to do it.


Water heater


Warm air only          


Warm air containing a water heater        


Back boiler


Fires and cookers   


Gas hob only.


Issue a warning notice (See below)


New appliance building regulations certificate


Pressurised Heating System Servicing

(Only when part of a gas appliance service)

Pressurised heating systems require a number of checks including the expansion vessel air pressure and the condition of the filling loop, various safety features, and the system pressure.


Service a pressurised heating system    


Magnetic Filter Cleaning

(Only when part of a gas appliance service)


Clean a magnetic filter.


Unvented Hot Water Service

I will perform all the safety checks according to the manufacturer’s instructions; where possible clean filters; and ensure the system design is fit for purpose.


Service unvented hot water cylinder (eg Megaflo)       


Homebuyer’s Report

 A comprehensive report on your new property which looks in detail at the hot and cold water services, the gas supply, appliances, central heating boiler and controls, plumbing, electrics, baths, basins, showers, toilets and more. The price is based on a fixed figure for the report and a price per bedroom per inspection type (one or more of Heating, Plumbing, and Electrics).


Report fixed price    


Additional price per bed room per service (Heating, Plumbing, Electrics)


Additional price per bed room for all three services


Hourly rate for Gas, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing

These prices are for heating repairs and any other work in this category that I do for you.

Additional hours are charge in 15minute units


1st hour (of each visit)


Additional hours (2nd and subsequent)  


Daily rate


Work of one day or more will be charged at       


Gas Safety / Landlord’s Safety Record

My policy is to service the gas appliance at the price shown above and then provide the record at the cost shown below.


Safety / Landlord’s record 


Upgrade gas appliances to Landlords Safety Record

Sometimes an existing customer wants to rent a property where I have serviced the appliances. If the service certificate is less than a year old I am happy to conduct a safety inspection only.


First appliance inspection and Safety Record


Additional appliances


Power flushing (per day)


Central heating flush and de-sludge (Includes one dose of cleaning and inhibitor chemicals worth £40)



* I am not VAT registered. Prices subject to change without notice and will be reviewed every April 6th.


Explanation of other charges


Gas work: Charges when faults discovered.

If you ask me to do some gas work and before I start I discover faults which preclude continuing with the gas work, I will charge a fee to issue a Warning Notice (see above) and cover my expenses to that point.  Of course I will be pleased to discuss the work to remedy the fault(s).


If you ask me to do some gas work and after starting work I discover faults in the installation which need repairing before I can continue, I will charge for the work done so far and issue any relevant documents (eg a Warning Notice, as per the Gas Safety Regulations). I will discuss the necessary work with you and explain the issues and then send you an estimate unless we make some other agreement.


I will of course try to note all faults in one go but that is not always possible. If there is a serious ventilation problem for example, I will probably not run the appliance until the ventilation is brought up to standard. Therefore operational faults may not be identified at the first visit.


Gas Work: Difficult to access appliances & flues

Access to an appliance, its flue and other components should be reasonably easy. Flue terminals, for example, should have at least line-of-sight visibility. If this is not the case, the relevant details will be included on your service / repair report and I will estimate the cost of completing the inspection.



A deposit will be requested which covers the cost of materials and approximately 60% of the labour charge, although circumstances may mean I will discuss a variation of this formula with you.


Estimates and Quotations

A quotation will be provided where the work is defined clearly enough to enable accurate cost assessment.


An estimate will be given where there are unknowns for example the state of plumbing under a floor will be unknown until the floor is lifted.


In conditions where immediate work is necessary and estimates are difficult to make, I will charge you a fair price based on these published prices and any other rate which I quote to you.


Collecting keys & parking

Key collection is chargeable by the hourly rate. Parking charges will added to my fees.


Materials purchase

I add 15% commission to materials that I supply to cover the cost of administration and handling. Clients are encouraged to allow Acquire Home Services to purchase materials. This enhances the company’s buying power, resulting in more favourable quotations and estimates. It’s unlikely I will use your materials but your needs can be discussed.


The benefits of me supplying include a) My supplier’s guarantee of the parts- they will usually replace faulty part quickly; b) Availability- my suppliers are open at convenient times for collection, c) My guarantee- I aim to rectify any problems with parts I supply, d) Quality- and you can be assured that the quality of my parts is very high.


Power Flushing

Power flushing is a method of removed sludge and corrosion from inside heating systems. Sometimes this removes corrosion which is blocking damage, which results in leaks reactivating. I will do my best to examine your system and to advise you accordingly, but buried or otherwise hidden pipes make examination impossible. I do not take responsibility from damaged caused by this Work.


Power Flushing necessitates access to radiators, valves and where used, tanks in the loft. Inadequate access or inoperable components may demand additional time freeing and / or replacing them, which will probably increase the cost of the Work. I will advise you as early as possible if I see a situation arising. If I can’t contact you, I will assume that it is acceptable to incur additional costs up to £50 in order to get the Work completed.


I provide one course of cleaning and inhibitor chemicals. If the system needs additional courses of chemicals I will discuss costs with you as early as practicable.


Unsociable hours

Normal working hours are Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00. Labour costs for working outside of the hours will be increased as shown below -:



Labour charge


1.5 x hourly rate


2 x hourly rate

Bank holidays

2 x hourly rate

Christmas day

4 x hourly rate

New Year’s day

4 x hourly rate

Other times

1.5 x hourly rate


Variations to the terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice.