What is a Repair?

If any part of the appliance is broken or malfunctioning and a repair is required you will be advised and offered a repair quotation based on my hourly rate.


If I am called out for a service and the appliance is broken, I only do the service after the repair has been done.


What I Repair

lots of things around your home including your heating, plumbing and electrics. If something else is broken then call me for a chat just in case I can help you.


And of course I repair appliances that uses Natural Gas (not LPG, bottled gas) that is :-


  • Boilers
  • Cookers
  • Water Heaters
  • Fires
  • Warm Air


(not gas)

  • Electric Boilers


What does it Cost?


What does it cost? Simply time and materials for a repair. There is no Call-Out charge. I visit, inspect the installation, work out time and parts and charge accordingly. My prices can be seen here.


I am happy to visit to give a quotation.


If I can repair the appliance there and then and you are satisfied with the quoted price I will repair the appliance on the first visit.


Often parts have to be ordered so one or more additional visits could be needed.



The best thing to do if you are unsure about anything is to ring me. What I can say is that I am pretty good at fixing things and I am keen on keeping you SAFE.